Lawyer/Client Relationships

John E. Finnerty and the lawyers at Finnerty, Canda & Concannon believe that effective representation of clients can occur only if the client and lawyer each can communicate openly with the other and form a dynamic presentation team. The lawyers at Finnerty, Canda & Concannon, P.C. strive to help clients understand what is required to process a case and to maximize their chances for accomplishing their objectives.  Our lawyers gather facts and evidence, and strategize with our clients attainable objectives and discuss the costs of seeking them.

Mr. Finnerty and the other lawyers at Finnerty, Canda & Concannon, P.C. work hard to attempt to resolve cases through negotiation and the execution of Property Settlement Agreements.  However, the best Agreements occur when a case is properly prepared so that evidence can be presented in the unfortunate event that a judge or arbitrator must be called upon to make a decision. 

That should occur in rare exceptions if Husband and Wife and their professionals approach issues in good faith.

However, men and women are not always angels.  As Hamilton said in the Federalist Papers, “if men were angels, we would not need laws.”  Finnerty’s monograph“How to Help Us Help You: The Lawyer Client Presentation Team,” which can be read on this website, provides a road map of how the lawyers at Finnerty, Canda & Concannon, P.C. work with their clients to process their cases in an attempt to accomplish client objectives.