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Sitting on the sidelines just isn't an option for the attorneys at Finnerty, Canda & Concannon, P.C. Our experienced and committed attorneys will assist you in dealing with all aspects of Family Law and the litigation process.

We believe clients are best served by negotiated settlements of their disputes. But, we also know that the best chance of reaching a negotiated resolution is by complete preparation.

Our chairman, John E. Finnerty, Esq., has practiced Family Law for thirty-three years and has been the architect of many reported judicial decisions that have impacted on the development of Family Law in this state and around the country. At Finnerty, Canda & Concannon, we are mindful that the best settlements come by being fully prepared with the facts and a logical rationale for the goals our clients want advocated.

Of the firm's philosophy, Mr. Finnerty says: "We are psychologically sophisticated and compassionate,
but we mince no words. We tell our clients what we think in view of the facts they present, the law and our sense of what the provable truth may be. After helping clients define their objectives, we chart a course with them, and are tireless but sensible advocates on their behalf."

We believe it is important for clients to understand the dynamic of the dispute resolution system. We do not sugar coat what can occur within that process. By empowering our client’s with this knowledge, we foster an attorney-client partnership that allows our clients to best control their own destinies.

Our firm is dedicated to counseling and representing clients with respect to a wide variety of areas including: child custody, visitation and relocation, valuation and equitable distribution of property, child support, alimony and palimony, appeals, modification, domestic violence, and adoption.


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